Thursday, October 13, 2011

CraftyJC Cards Challenge10: Simplicity


  1. Oh this is beautiful! You've made so many pretty cards there! :) welcome to blogosphere and wishing you a creative time ahead :)

    Thanks for playing along at CraftyJC Simplicity Challenge

  2. Thanks Jaya,

    I'm new to blogging. This is the first time I have participated in any crafting challenge online. I hope I have followed the rules correctly. I dont want to be disqualified due to silly mistake.

  3. Neetu, So glad you could play along :)

    whenever you link to a challenge, you will neeed to link back to the challenge. Can you please do that?

    And also link directly to the post and not to the blog. In this case I will correct this link to point to


  4. these are lovely cards you have made... also the envelopes with mehendi are super ethnic.... just a note that v cant add comments on new pages.... so try and post in the homepage first.... do visit my blog and store

  5. Thanks Jovi...I am glad U like it.

  6. hi. linking back to a challenge means you need to provide a link in the blog post with the entry to the challenge you are participating in :) HTH